For special occasions and everyday use - pins from dothat.

Lighweight and durable, custom dothat pins made from resin offer an alternative to classic metal, plastic, or wooden badges. They are perfect as promotional gadgets for trade shows or conferences, but also serve as stylish additions to hats, backpacks, and other textile promotional products.


Accessory or Key Element of the Outfit?

In the promotional gift industry, pins serve as a form of clothing and product marking, turning individuals wearing these pins into part of a cohesive whole. Often accompanying special occasions such as conferences, industry events, or brand anniversary celebrations, personalized pins play a crucial role in styling and defining the overall event.

Individually designed pins can also serve as fashionable, more utilitarian additions to everyday outfits. Created in various designs and symbols associated with the client's brand, they can be included, for example, in welcome packs. These pins work well when attached to bags, backpacks, caps, or cosmetic bags.

What are the customization possibilities for the product?

dothat pins come in three types of fasteners - pin, butterfly clutch, and snap. Pin and butterfly clutch are fastening options that can be chosen to personalize your company's pin. The snap, on the other hand, is designed for caps with a visor, where the pin is attached in the cap's perforations.

Other customizable elements of dothat pins include:

- Shape,

- Color,

- Texture,

- Marking,

- Finish - matte or glossy.

Creating your own pin can involve adapting pre-designed shapes, including options like a flower, planet, star, lips, long text, or short text. There is also the possibility of completely customizing a pin from scratch.

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