PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS | 07 September 2023

Better visibility means greater safety

Runners, cyclists, and rollerbladers must be highly visible in traffic, especially in low-visibility conditions. Reflective ACCESSORIES are the solution for them. They convince every athlete because they are small, lightweight, practical, and most importantly, highly visible!


Only until the end of September, at the wholesale distributor L-Shop-Team, you can test a set consisting of 4 eye-catching products suitable for branding.

- HELMET COVER ensures that the helmet stands out even in the dark.

- REFLECTIVE STRAP SET can be attached to anything, e.g., clothing, a bicycle, a bike trailer.

- HI-VIS MORF is a tubular scarf that can be used in many ways as a headband, scarf, or hairband.

- SPORTS REFLECTIVE VEST complements this set and goes well with any sportswear.

It's worth noting that such products are perfect promotional items and effective advertising media for companies and sponsors.

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