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Usługi kurierskie

Współpraca PIAP z firmą BTL LOGISTIK - dla Członków PIAP atrakcyjne ceny na przesyłki na poziomie CENA NETTO OD 9,50 ZŁ (ze wszystkimi opłatami netto) - więcej informacji udziela Biuro Zarządu PIAP.

Discounts in business magazines

  1. PIAP almanac, a free entry to half of a page for every PIAP member
  2. MARKETER+ 35% discount on advertising for PIAP members, 50% discount for the entire website in case of the addition with gifts (issue of September-October 2014)
  3. 30% discount on mailing to the MARKETER+ readers, Coupon for PLN 25 for the first shopping on sklep.marketerplus.pl, in case of an order of minimum PLN 100
  4. OHH magazine advertising discounts of 10% for PIAP Members
  5. discounts on advertising  for PIAP Members – Promotional Catalogue 10%
  6. discounts on advertising  for PIAP Members – Gifts Journal Poland, Gifts Journal Ukraine, The Great Book of Advertising and Printing RemaDays Warsaw, Industry Navigator, Industry Navigator Kiev, European Suppliers Book 10%
  7. discounts on the subscription for PIAP Members – Gifts Journal 10%
  8. discounts on advertising  for PIAP Members – Świat Druku (World of Printing) 15%
  9. discounts on the subscription for PIAP Members -  Świat Druku (World of Printing) 10%
  10. discounts on the subscription for PIAP Members – Business Pulse from 15% to 19%

Discounts on websites

  1. 30% discount on advertising in the online magazine, on the marketerplus.pl
  2. discounts on e-mailing for PIAP Members – marketingprzykawie.pl 25%
  3. 50% discount on advertising  for PIAP Members – on the reklama.pl website
  4. 25% discount on the annual package for PIAP Members – on the giftsonline.pl website
  5. 15% discount on advertising  for PIAP Members on the www.swiatdruku.eu website


Socialising parties

  1. The great PIAP ball connected with the "Stars of PIAP* ceremony – a prestigious award"

Market research

The piap-org.pl website

  1. access to external enquiries according to industries
  2. access to enquiries of the members
  3. access to enquiries of the PIAP office
  4. Automatic Chamber forum – creating opinion on the piap-org.pl membership page
  5. presentation of the members' offer on piap-org.pl
  6. browser of the members' products on piap-org.pl
  7. subscription of enquiries according to industries


  1. Industry legal advice from the PIAP duty lawyer www.piap-org.pl/forum/forum-prawne/

Stars of PIAP* programme – a prestigious award

  1. Reliable assessment of your company by your customers www.piap-org.pl/gwiazdy-piap-prestizowe-wyroznienie

Membership Discounts

  1. Special discounts granted exclusively for PIAP members. Check it in members' cards www.piap-org.pl/nasi-czlonkowie/


  2. Free admission for the General Meeting of PIAP member to Piotr Tymochowicz Training "EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION and CONTROLLING OF THE DEPTH OF REALATIONS TRAINING" ON THE BASIS OF THE THEORY OF IMPACT AUTHOR'S CONCEPT on 21th of May 2013, in Poznań.
  3. 5% discount on trainings organised by the Accountants Association in Poland (applications must be sent to the PIAP office) for the PIAP Members
  4. Marketing in times of crisis. SHOPPING SHOW – Consumer Communication 12.09.2013 Warsaw – a special price of for PLN 390 gross PIAP Members


  1. Entrance and a discount on ticket to PSI Dusseldorf Exhibitions
  2. RemaDays Warsaw 2017, RemaDays Kiev 2017, 5% discount on the exhibition space
  3. Golden Marketing Expo Poznań 2016 - discount on the exhibitions space for PIAP Members

Membership card discounts

  1. 50% discount on renting of the conference room with the multimedia equipment and refreshments in Poznań city centre on www.sala29.pl/oferta.php

Debt collection

  1. Partnership with the National Debt Register! Only for PIAP members: Optimum package (extended) for 200 zl, Premium package for 275 zl, Prestige package for 295 zl. Additionally, 100 of monitoring and 100 checks for free. Participation in the Reliable Company programme for free! Dun & Bradstreet economic reports in the price of 10 zl!
  2. Coface Poland – trade reports and debt collection – 20% discount for PIAP Members
  3. Eulerhermes – economic information and debt collection – 10% discount for PIAP Members