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ROSNOWSKI GIFT Sp. z o.o. Wróć do listy

ul. Chwarznieńska 73
81-602 Gdynia
Tel. (+48) 58 624 23 34, 58 664 77 33
Fax. (+48) 58 668 50 01
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Maciej tel: 58 62 42 334 e-mail: prezes@rosnowski-gift.pl
Daria tel: (+48) 513 09 77 33 e-mail: handlowy@rosnowski-gift.pl
Dorota tel: (+48) 501 094 940 e-mail: office@rosnowski-gift.pl
Agnieszka tel: (+48) 58 664 77 33 e-mail: sprzedaz@rosnowski-gift.pl

Rosnowski Gift has been on the market for over 25 years. Thanks to our experience and knowledge about the advertising market, we have started to produce promotional gifts and promotional items on behalf of the client. The culmination of this was the creation of the PERSONAL GIFT catalog. We have created our own brands, such as Logoband, WINPAD. We are the sole distributor in Poland of VIPband and SWIZZ Collection products. After six months of design work, tests and trials, our offer in 2013 was supplemented with PROMO LAMPS advertising lamps. As the only company in Europe we manufacture lamps with any customer logo. We care very much about the high quality of our products and their timely delivery. In 2020, we added the Be_Eco catalog to our offer, in which You can find a lot of pro-ecological solutions. There are eternal notebooks, plants, herbs, canned vegetables and flowers, stationery, ecological packaging, cups, bags and other gadgets made of natural and biodegradable materials.
We have an attractive discount system for advertising agencies, depending on the number and frequency of orders and the time of cooperation with our company. We also have a neutral catalog page.
We strongly encourage You to cooperate with us - a company with several years of experience, a member of the SOLID IN BUSINESS program and the Polish Chamber of Promotional Articles. Our financial credibility was certified by BISNODE Polska.

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